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Monday, November 30, 2020

Utbyrd - Varskrik

Now this is an interesting one. Utbyrd are a fascinating and thrilling symphonic black metal band from Norway who share members with Gravsang and Iskald. There is something stunning and exciting about their debut, and thus far only offering Varskrik which is currently being reissued by the good folks over at Petrichor. This is a potent offering to say the least and an album that continually points to potent darker futures. There is a very real sense of blasphemous poetry that decorates this record and it is a delight to get lost in its twisted layers. 

There is a very real magic to tracks like 'Deildegasten' in how they paint gloriously vulgar pictures for the listener. The simple blasphemy of these offerings is delectable and it routinely points towards darker futures. Yet also one would be remiss not to admire the bombast of what is being done here. these are tracks that are full of emotion and very exciting for that aspect alone. The crazed playing and epic synths hearken back to bands like Dimmu Borgir but also belie a much larger range of influences. The twisted ideas and unique visions that the band routinely executes are thrilling and remind us just how talented Utbyrd are. 

Varskrik is an interesting offering. It may not break too much new ground but it is definitely a strong offering from a band who understand the more twisted sides of symphonic black metal. It is a delight to sink your teeth into epic synths and meaty guitars. The snarled vocals add a certain element of danger to the mix and definitely prove just how exciting Utbyrd can be. Varskrik is a potent and fascinating record. It leaves me very curious as to what will come next from these Norwegian black metal madmen. It should be grandiose. 

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