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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Voreus - The Proclamation

This is a truly sick and twisted one. I really love the primitive blackened death metal that we've seen emerging out of the scene in recent years, and there is something beautifully twisted about what's happening on the latest from Voreus. The Proclamation is a truly twisted record reveling in lo fi production and demented messaging. There is a twisted magic to The Proclamation that keeps me in thrall, obsessed with the guttural vocals and dungeon dwelling riffs. It's the sort of blackened death metal slaughter that has been crushing posers everywhere for 35 years. 

It's such a delight to lose yourself in the blasphemous ministrations of tracks like 'The Proclamation.' The tormented groans that underscore many of these songs are a fitting counterpoint to more conventional death growls. One can feel the brutarian stomp and primitive hate spewed forth in the unending crush of 'Descending Into The Infernal Abyss.' Voreus aren't really breaking new ground on this demented offering, but they are gouging out listeners eyes and beating them over the head with a gloriously muddy bottom end. While this is definitely a fairly inaccessible release, those of us raised on death metal demos are going to love it. 

As a general rule, The Proclamation fits in nicely with the likes of bands like Pseudogod and Teitanblood in terms of sheer brutality and stripped back production. This is a band who really emphasize the sense of torment and the truly unbridled nature of extreme music. These songs are intentionally raw, allowing for surprisingly pure artistic expression and leaving listeners gnashing on their own flesh. The Proclamation is a wonderfully demented offering, underground freaks should prepare to fall in love. 

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