Chuck Schuldiner Project

Monday, December 7, 2020

Taur-Im-Duinath - The Burning Bridges


Taur-Im-Duinath is a thrilling atmospheric black metal band emerging from the always excellent label Cult of Parthenope. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into the magic of this band and embrace all that they have done on this masterful new offering, The Burning Bridges. Few black metal bands can really evoke this same internal darkness and guide listeners deep into the pit of Tartarus the way that these madmen can. It makes for evocative and dynamic listening that will keep devout fans completely enraptured. 

In a world where 'Atmospheric' is so often a synonym for 'boring' Taur-Im-Duinath have managed to craft something that is truly exciting. Their is a quality to the songwriting and execution on this offering that really speaks to the musicians capabilities as songwriters. It's a delight to lose yourself in the layers here because The Burning Bridges has so much to pick apart. The stellar production is also impressive. It really allows the album to shine, but as tracks like 'Scrutare L'abisso' show - things are left just raw enough to remain evil. Split into two sides, the more fierce "Randir" and then the relaxed magic of "Bare Boughs" this is an album that runs the gamut of Taur-Im-Duinath's capabilities and leaves me in awe. 

There's a lot to immerse yourself in with The Burning Bridges. Everything from the high quality songwriting to the dual nature of the album shows us that this is more than just another black metal release. Taur-Im-Duinath have outdone themselves here with a record that will leave listeners begging for more. This has been a highlight of a stressful Monday morning and a welcome sign of what is possibly to come from these incredibly talented and calamitous black metal masters. Come - delve into these twisted anthems!



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