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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Heavy Feather - Mountain Of Sugar

About two songs into Heavy Feather’s new album, Mountain Of Sugar I said to myself, “Yeah this might be the heavy rock album of the year.” Now admittedly it’s only the 3rd day of 2021 but still – this is a really goddamn good album from a band with a boatload of talent. Mountain Of Sugar is complex, interesting and above all literate. It’s a record that kicks off with a Humble Pie reference of all things and maintains that same level of depth and intricacy for the rest of the album. Proudly and accurately paying tribute to the classic rock masters, The Sign Records has uncovered a rare gem. 

The guitar work and tone on this record is gorgeous. The songs are composed in a riveting way with layers upon layers and clear direction throughout. There is a breadth to the execution that serves to make it a delight for anyone who digs into the might and magic of the album. Mountain Of Sugar is a treasure in the way it evokes the old gods but delivers in a way that is distinctly modern. There was so much work that went into this record though. Every time I think I can't be more impressed they broke out another stunner, like the backing vocals on 'Love Will Come Easy' which perfectly accentuate the stunning blues vocals of Lisa Lystam. 

It's such a delight to lose yourself in the elegant poetry of Heavy Feather. This is a band who built on classic ideas and found a way to make themselves unique and powerful. The execution here is delicious and the performances nothing short of stunning. Mountain Of Sugar is from front to back a thrilling record that will leave classic rock lovers scraping their collective jaws off the floor. Heavy Feather are a one of a kind force. If you love heavy music then this is going to be a record you are going to wind up obsessed with. 

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  2. This is a great record, better than the first one. As a suggestion, you should put (another) "Best of the year" list. For sure it will be a representative one. Great reviews, cheers.

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