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Monday, February 15, 2021

Throne - Pestilent Dawn

You gotta love it when a band can just melt your face off. Let me assure you it's a great way to start your week. Fortunately, Throne are one such band and their brand new record, Pestilent Dawn is the sort of thrilling offering that will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. Acrobatic, aggressive and over the top, Throne prove definitively here that they are among the great bands in the Midwestern extreme metal scene. Their unique brand of blackened death metal is relentlessly addictive and really speaks to a unique American carnage. 

It's a delight to really sink your teeth into the madness of a track like 'Amongst The Sinners, They Came Forth.' There is a sort of dedication to blasphemy that makes this album a truly addictive offering. The crushing riffs and vile vocals make for a venomous combination that will leave you caught in a mosh. Nothing too new or exciting is happening here, but it's really a delight to let yourself get lost in the mayhem and embrace that twisted chaotic magic that the band do so well. There's a lot to immerse oneself in and the more time you spend reveling in the murk the more clear the bands mission of violence becomes. 

Pestilent Dawn is a delightful and tormented trumpet cry to open the gates of hell. It shows the band really firing on all cylinders and pummeling listeners over the head with angular riffs and flashy solos. Pestilent Dawn is a thrilling debut offering from the guys in Throne and it makes me curious to see what more they might ave to unveil in the next few years. Keep an eye out on these madmen, I get the impression that their best days are still ahead. As for now - if you dig blackened death metal, you could do far worse for yourself. 

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