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Monday, March 29, 2021

Fyrnask - VII - Kenoma

There's a whole crop of excellent German black metal bands echoing the power of the second wave right now. Fyrnask are another wonderful contribution to this movement and a fitting addition to a sound that captures the imagination with its crushing power and raw bombast. It's a delight to immerse yourself in what's being done on their seventh release (And fourth full length), VII - Kenoma. It's an incredibly human record that speaks to the magic of this music and the way that Fyrnask have evolved as a band. 

VII - Kenoma is stunning in the breadth of the offering. While yes, the band very much adheres to classic second wave black metal tropes, there's a lot more to it than that. Who wouldn't be charmed by the spiraling melodies on a track like "Sjodhandi Blodh" for instance? There is a real excellence to the production too that allows this album to sparkle. The instruments lock in nicely providing a broad wall of sound that still allows the listener space to breathe. It's fascinating to unpack the layers here and hear how Fyrnask craft potent and exciting soundworlds. Meanwhile, even though the majority of the vocals are a more traditional growl, the bellows that underscore particularly potent moments of the record are thrilling. 

Fyrnask have done a stunning job on this record and it is a clear step up from past efforts. VII - Kenoma speaks to a larger overall vision and a method of delivery that speaks to their talents. This is a bombastic and exciting listen that builds upon itself. At its finest this is truly a next level release. At its worst its just really good second wave black metal. Van Records have once more picked out a winner and I think that it's one all of us are going to find something to fall in love over. What more could you want?

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