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Monday, May 17, 2021

Layr - Vulgord's Tower Soundtrack


It's been a while since we've properly covered dungeon synth on this blog, but as I find myself immersed in atmospheric black metal lately it feels appropriate. The entire concept behind this record is fascinating. As one might have guessed its the soundtrack to the game Vulgords Tower a turn based RPG composer Brian Magar developed with his son. Brian is also known for his work in Cultic and The Owls ANWTS, so there's a lot going on artistically within this family that helps to make it really exciting. 

As for the music itself, this record is phenomenal. It leans heavily on the dark vibes one might expect and is especially prone to black metal tropes. The overarching approach is eerie and powerful, the perfect soundtrack to wandering through an abandoned castle at night. The doomed terror behind a track like 'Exalted By Sorcery' is delicious, and the verminous blasphemy that fuels the record will keep you coming back, ever more fascinated with their twisted offerings. There are just so many layers that you can really pick apart here, even with the sparse arrangements and stripped back ideas. It's the sort of record you just want to play time and time again. 

Vulgord's Tower Soundtrack may have been originally intended as a video game soundtrack, but it makes for some fantastic listening. Layr have found a way to really contribute to the pantheon and build on the tropes that make us all love this type of music so much. It's a delight to be really immersed in the horror of Vulgord's Tower and this soundtrack will keep devout listeners fascinated. There is so much you can sink your teeth into with Layr and the more that I really delve into the dark caverns they have crafted, the more I love it.

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