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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Skepticism - Companion

Few bands have had as deep an impact on funeral doom as Skepticism. They are a one of a kind force who have continually proven that they are among the great metal acts of their generation. This latest offering, Companion, was hotly anticipated and a perfect next step in the bands epic legacy of crushing and sad music. Devastatingly heavy and full of soul melting riffs, Companion is the sort of powerful late period work that proves Skepticism have a longevity unlike almost anyone else in the game. It's a delight to sink yourself into it. 

The production alone is gorgeous adding a very real breadth to tracks like album closer "The Swan And the Raven." The larger than life imagery that guides these songs and the epic atmospheres that they so eagerly lean into really speak to the sense of torment they can invoke. As you pick through the myriad layers of Companion it becomes increasingly clear that this is a masterwork and a record that should not be underestimated. This is doom metal done right, infinitely sad and doomed to leave you begging for more. Not a lot of doom bands can evoke this same sense of pain, and yet here Skepticism are, continually showing they are among the saddest the world has to offer. 

Companion is a crusher. A record that bears multiple listens and which sits nicely in the pantheon that is this bands discography .They have once more proven that they are among the best to ever do it and the monumental soundscapes that they craft are guaranteed to drag you with them to the pits of Tartarus. There is an elder power at hand here and Skepticism tap into it perfectly. Losing yourself within that is a pleasure. This is funeral doom for the funeral doom devotee and it will keep you in awe of its masterful execution. 

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