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Friday, June 25, 2021

Supreme Conception - Empires Of The Mind

Man it has been a while since I've really dug into a tech death record. But here we are with the brutal and mesmerizing slaughter of Supreme Conception. This long running supergroup has always featured a range of talented musicians, and this latest incarnation is perhaps their strongest to date. Their new EP, Empires Of The Mind is high powered and exciting technical death metal that runs at a million miles an hour. The devastating crush of this record and the flashy instrumentals leave listeners in awe and begging for more. 

What gets me about this record though is that as much as it's a shred fest, as showcased on album closer, "On The Path To Divinity," there are so many other exciting moments. Tracks like "Harboring The Fractured Transcendence" hint at an emotional depth that you don't really get to see a lot of in the world of tech death. Overarching themes of rejecting religion guide the record along and give it a bit of direction, even if that lyrical concept has been well trod in this subgenre. Still - the raw energy and stunning drumming performance really come together ot showcase that this is the sort of quarantine project that helps make it feel a little less futile. 

While Empires Of The Mind certainly doesn't reinvent the steel, it does do a great job of consistently proving just how talented Supreme Conception are and all that they can accomplish. The blasting fury of a track like "Beyond The Antediluvian" is a nice reminder of the excitement tech death can bring. Though I have taken a break from the genre it's nice to really lean back into it with a record that is as impressive and rewarding as this one. The more I uncover the more I'm impressed and it leaves me excited to delve into more.  

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