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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Age Of Fable - Modern Logos

Now this is an interesting one. I've been following Age Of Fable for a few years now and their distinct take on post rock is interesting. Full of proggy elements and 90s flourishes, this is a band with a unique vision that you are going to keep coming back too. It's the sort of project that really understands some of the wonderfully weird parts of this music and which encourages listeners to really explore whats being done within the genre in the vibrant underground. Their new EP, Modern Logos is a delectable offering yo get lost in. 

What's compelling about this record is its willingness to just sit back and let you play it time and time again as you uncover the myriad layers. Everything from the multi layered production to the conceptual nature of the lyrics definitely bears revisiting. When you have a record htis short too it's easy to swing back around and really think your teeth into what the band has been doing and uncover fun new sides of the music. This is clearly a deep labor of love and there are simply so many sides that you can really dial into. It's just a hint of what's to come form the band though and has me curious to see what they do to evolve it going forward. 

There's a lot to love about this EP, short as it may be. It's another step forward for an exciting act and one which nicely showcases just how much work these guys are doing to really craft something that takes their brand of prog to the next level. With everything from interlocking male and female vocals and gorgeous soundscapes that spread as far as the ear can hear, Modern Logos is a delightful next part of the journey for this band. Join their quest and come to know the power of what prog and post rock can be when cleverly brought together!

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