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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Ossuaire - Triumvirat

I've been a fan of Ossuaire since their debut, this is a special band who really communicate the flaming magic of Quebec black metal. This latest offering, Triumvirat is some of their most interesting and blasphemous work to date. It's the genre done right, full of blasphemy, twisted visions and a hope for a darker future. It's a delight to really feel yourself get lost in the stench of what the band have done and their willingness to uncover some of the twisted depths that many of their peers might shy away from. It's gloriously sickening. 

Triumvirat impresses not just because of the relentless assault (Just listen to the blasts on the title track!) but also the multi-layered nature of the music. The riffs are fierce, but weaving in epic clean vocals and eerie melodies serves to make this a deliciously frostbitten offering. The torment showcased on a track like "Ignipotentis" is delicious and speaks to a band who keep the madness flowing. Their deep understanding of black metal is truly impressive and it's a delight to really hear a band who get the furthest reaches of the genre on such a fundamental level. Triumvirat is a veritable tour de force and one I think will keep on giving. 

Ossuaire have really managed to go above and beyond on this offering. It's a record that builds on classic tropes and proves that this is a band who can execute on them in a big bad way. While there may be no true surprises, the quality of the songwriting and the bands capability to drag you to the depths of hell should be enough to keep you coming back, thrilled at the tormented magic of Triumvirat and the tortured message that it broadcasts at maximum volume. This is black metal done right, join me in raising your horns in their honor. 

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