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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hallux Valgus - Reflections Of Distant Dreams

Hallux Valgus are doing it right. Their unique brand of extreme metal is dusted with death rock, making for a sound that is twisted, vicious and wholly their own. It's death rock for the freak, the underground devotee desperately looking for that next hit, obsessed with the gut wrenching madness of these underground masters. Reflections Of Distant Dreams is a blazing force from the South American scene and one that really speaks to how much interesting music is coming out of the scene out there right now. It's thrilling. 

Doubters would say that mixing the music of such diverse bands as Christian Death and Cadaver wouldn't really be possible, but Hallux Valgus find a way. While at some points its a touch hackneyed, at other moments it's truly transcendent, bringing a fresh dialect of riffing into an overtread genre. There are some really interesting layers to unpack here and this band seems to continually find ways to capitalize on what makes them special. I think with a little more production and another album under their collective belts, this unique blend of sounds could go somewhere amazing. Eve so - this is a really interesting listen that asks the listener to embrace new worlds. 

In brief - Reflects Of Distant Dreams is a thrilling record that is going to keep devotees of the underground excitedly coming back for more. Hallux Valgus have managed to execute on a very high level for this one and it's a delight to see them really executing at the highest of levels on this latest offering. Edged Circle has once more signed an interesting and genre breaking band. Letting yourself revel in the bloodthirsty magic that they have executed on is such a delight and hints at so much more to come.

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