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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sylvaine - Nova


Sylvaine is the rare artist who seems to only get better with time. Her ever successive release is another step forward for her work showcasing her stunning abilities as a composer and visionary in the scene. Her music is emotional and powerful and letting yourself get lost in the many layers that make her art so beautiful is a delight. This is post black metal done right, building on the promise of bands like Alcest and hinting towards a world where black metal can be found in all forms of music. Nova is just the next step in realizing her potential.

The distinctive prettiness of Nova is entrancing and will keep fans devoted. This is an album that seems to continually dance towards higher heights and prove just how talented Sylvaine is. There is a real magic to tracks like "Nowhere, Still Somewhere" that will keep fans entranced and eager to delve ever deeper. Nova is a masterful album any way you slice it and letting yourself get pulled into the gorgeous sonic poetry of this offering is a delight. This is post black metal done right, full of beauty and passion in order to keep listeners in awe. 

Nova is a stunner. There's simply no other word for it. It sees her bringing her uniquely emotional and potent brand of post black metal to the table and showing that her clarity of vision is able to live up to her early promise. This is a gorgeous record and one that is going to keep fans of the genre deeply engaged for a long time. Sylvaine continues to impress and watching her star rise has been my privilege. Pre-order this record because people will be talking about it for a long time to come, I guarantee it.

Pre-order the album!

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