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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Darkened - The Black Winter


Yeah this fuckin' kills. Darkened have already impressed me with their past few releases, all monstrous stompers that went straight for the throat and spoke to the demented power of underground metal. Now the death metal masters new record sees them pushing their sound to bold new heights. They've mastered the same sort of larger than life, emotionally powerful melodic leaning death metal that fuels artists like Amon Amarth. It's music that sounds absolutely massive in scope and speaks to a heavier and more crushing sound. 

It's rare that you hear a death metal band with the same sense of gravitas and bombast that fuels Darkened. The Black Winter is an absolutely monstrous offering that just immerses you in their soundworld. It's insane to experience the crushing darkness of what this band has crafted and the overarching vision behind their work is truly thrilling. Darkened are skull crushers, grinding bone to dust and repeatedly leaving listeners in awe of the power of their unique brand of death metal. This is the genre executed at an incredibly high level, you need it in your life. I am utterly in love.

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