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Monday, May 16, 2022

Deathwhite - Grey Everlasting


Deathwhite have been on my radar for a few years now, their unique brand of gothic doom is stunning. Its dark and precisely honed music that will capture the imagination. Deep production, gorgeous sounds and well executed songwriting leaves listeners in awe. It's a magical and potent combination and it makes their new record Grey Everlasting all the more compelling. You can let yourself get immersed in the myriad layers of this album and start to really touch on something greater. The moody vision and bleak vision of this offering is awe inspiring. 

Grey Everlasting is one of those records that weirdly sounds exactly like its title. You can get a sense for the ongoing darkness and the sadness that defines so much of this record. The album art perfect encapsulates this, the highly detailed imagery that sucks you in is indicative of a sound that you find yourself getting lost in and endlessly enamored with. Deathwhite have reached a whole new level on this offering and it's a delight to experience the myriad layers and elegant poetry of what the band has executed here. 

Gothic and atmospheric doom isn't necessarily the easiest of genres to pull off. In fact i's one that more often not comes off as cringy and weird. Deathwhite thuogh find a way to make it work for them. You can let yourself get fully lost in all they have to say and the sorrowful message that echoes across their music. Grey Everlasting is a mind melting and gorgeous offering that will keep you coming back, ever in awe of the triumph that the band has pulled together. Join me and lose yourself in these gray coated waves of sound and continue to experience this sadness.

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