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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Veter Daemonaz - Muse Of The Damned

Well this is an addictive listen. Veter Daemonaz have for years been heroes of the Russian underground. Now they lash out once more from behind this new Iron Curtain and prove that though their country may be attempting to annihilate peaceful people, their brand of black metal remains brilliantly executed. Their new record Muse Of The Damned speaks to the hard work that the band has put in and how much they have evolved from a one man basement project to a band who seem to push things to bold new heights with every new release.

This record continually shows a much deeper understanding of black metal than almost any of their peers throughout the Russian underground. The band has really worked to craft something that captures the imagination and which suffocates listeners under a blizzard of bones. The ferocious drums and the tremolo picked guitars provide a triumphant monochromatic backdrop that keeps listeners coming back in awe of the darkness that Veter Daemonaz have so eagerly crafted here. This is black metal done right, with a lust for speed and an abysmal vision of the future. Muse Of The Damned sees the band looking to raise the bar on what they can do once more. 

Veter Daemonaz will mesmerize you with this latest record. They've crafted a release that is going to keep you coming back with its classic black metal frills and the croaked vocals that resonate with the soul. The crunch of the bottom end and the larger than life approach of the vocals is mesmerizing. It really speaks to a band who have found a way to set themselves apart and keep underground nerds like me continually coming back in awe. Muse Of The Damned is a razor edged black metal offering and one that will keep you in awe.

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