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Friday, November 11, 2022

Dodsengel - Bab Al On

Dodsengel are a veritable Norwegian black metal force, and they have been for 15 years now. With their fifth album, Bab Al On, the band quickly proves that they are becoming a mainstay in the scene. Bab Al On is perhaps Dodsengel's most fully realized work to date with excellent songwriting and dark atmospheres capturing the imagination and drawing listeners into the magic of a band who seem dedicated to continually impressing and conjuring up blackened images of a Tartarus perhaps best left abandoned by rational men. 

One of the things that impresses me the most about Dodsengel is their ability to inject raw and powerful emotion into their music. Songs like "The Lamb Speaks" with their potent bellowed vocals and larger than life imagery are guaranteed to leave you in awe. This is black metal done with a taste for the abyss, a desire to rip out throats and to continually impress upon listeners just how special Dodsengel are. This is black metal that invokes bleak imagery of a sort that few of the bands peers could ever lean into and it becomes fascinating. Bab Al On is a testament to the evolution this band has made over the years and the gnarled charm of their sound. 

Bab Al On is a thrilling offering any way you slice it and it's a record that speaks to the potency and diversity of the Norwegian scene. It's a delight to really lose yourself in the bitter layers of what's being done here and emerging from the other side of this tormented madness makes for an addictive experience. Dodsengel have been crafting these most blasphemous of sounds for years now and to hear them executing at the highest level yet is impressive. Let yourself get lost in the blackness of their music, you won't regret it.

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