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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Høstsol - Länge Leve Döden


Hostsol is a thrilling new black metal project featuring members of both Manes and Shining. To hear two creators on the level of Cernunnus of Manes and Niklas Kvarforth come together on a project like this is exciting. There is a certain insanity that keeps things fresh and a depth to the music that reminds us just how talented both of these guys are as composers and arrangers. The vision that they bring to the table is a dark one, full of hellish soundscapes and demented tales of a world gone mad. While this is certainly not for everyone, for those of us dedicated to the underground its demonic ministrations are addictive. 

Lange Leve Doden deals primarily in modern black metal tropes. There are some wonderful compositions and tracks that really lean into some of the more twisted sides of the overarching vision. The songs have a lot of depth, often straying over the eight minute mark. Tracks like "Din skördetid är nu kommen" benefit from eerie synths and crawling guitars that leave you gasping for air. As a general rule the production on this album is excellent, it's sprawling but has enough of a basement dungeon flair to keep things feeling appropriately raw and wriggling The end result is an album that manages to capture the classic black metal aesthetic whilst looking firmly to the future. 

This is a fascinating release with a lot of tasty layers to really immerse yourself in. Hostsol have found a way to impact listeners with the depth of their sound and bleak overarching vision. It's a wonderfully tortured release and an album that I think fans of the deep underground will find themselves in awe of. Hopefully more than just a one off collaboration, Lange Level Doden is the sort of record that immediately finds its way into the morbid canon of the black metal scene and leaves us all curious to see where they go next.

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