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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Minenwerfer - Feuerwalze


Now this is one I've been looking forward to reviewing for a while. Minenwerfer have long since established a reputation as a uniquely ferocious, blasting force in the world of war metal. Their new album Feuerwalze is at a whole new level though. This is intense and unrelenting war metal as you've never heard it before, attacking the listener at a million miles an hour and forcing you to suffocate on the twisted visions of the battle of the Somme, one of the worst moments of human history to have to actually experience. 

Feuerwalze is an absolute spirit crusher. This is a record that is as dense as they come. It's rare that I've heard material that is this straight up heavy, fast and borderline terrifying. The way that they bring their unrelenting brand of war metal upon the trenches again and again is addictive. It speaks to a bleak and tormented vision that is going to keep listeners fascinated with the darkness. There are few times in history as apocalyptic as the battle of the Somme, and there are few albums that sound as apocalyptic as Feuerwalze. It's clear that during their 4 years of relative silence, Minenwerfer have been hard at work to craft something truly terrifying. 

Minenwerfer are here to cut your throat out and make you suffer. They have distilled the horrors of the Great War into something demented but also undeniably addictive. It's rare to find a band who can execute music this fast and with this level of intensity. The monochromatic assault and raving mad vocals are the perfect accompaniments to an album that sees the world burning around it. Letting yourself get immersed in this darkness is addictive and it speaks to the fiery hatred that has helped to make Feuerwalze such a compelling album. 

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