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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Sunrot - The Unfailing Rope

10 years is a long time to be doing anything. Especially something as challenging as crafting unrelenting and skull shattering sludge metal. Yet, Sunrot are still out here doing it, forcing listeners to confront their inner struggles and cracking skulls with a sound that is unrelenting, terrifying and louder than ever. Their new album, The Unfailing Rope is an absolute crusher, an offering that unflinchingly addresses trauma, both mental and physical, but which also shows listeners that despite all the loss, there still is a place for joy. 

The Unfailing Rope is stunning in its overarching vision. From the opening cries of "Trepanation" it's immediately clear that Sunrot have taken a huge step forward. While they've been busy in the 6 years since their debut full length releasing an EP, a single and a pair of splits, it's certainly refreshing to hear Sunrot taking advantage of the LP format. It allows them to take you on more of a journey and for listeners to find a more absolute sense of catharsis as they really start to dig into the sorrow that they portray. The end result is music that feels larger than life, and is not a little bit terrifying in its honesty and scope. 

Sunrot have captured the sound of your life crashing down around you and the feeling that no matter what you do things aren't going to be ok. It's a level of reality that is all too familiar for most of us and which is actively uncomfortable to have to experience. Sunrot understand the crippling sorrow that they have painted and provide solace as we look for our own answers in this imperfect world. What's been accomplished here is anxious, doomed and absolutely devastating. They've taken their music to bold new places and I am more enamored than ever before. 

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