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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Alchemy of Flesh - By Will Alone


It's hard not to be charmed by album art that makes you go 'Fuck yeah!'. Especially when paired with top notch Florida death metal worshiping slaughter. There is something addictive to the riffy, groovy crush that Alchemy of Flesh have crafted here. This is death metal done right, with a devotion to the 90s underground and with a deep understanding of the bands influences It's rare that you see a modern act dropping groups like Monstrosity and Angelcorpse as influences, (Although of course Morbid Angel is the big influence here) but here we are, and it fucking rules.

By Will Alone is a death metal nerds death metal album. It's a record that leans into so many of the glorious and twisted tropes of the underground but also shows that Alchemy of Flesh have figured out their own cocktail of sounds to horrify and delight listeners. By Will Alone manages to transcend just being more Florida death metal worship by digging deeper into the scene than many of their peers and leaning into the elements that set them apart, be it techy riffs or impressive gutturals. There is something delightfully intense and introverted about this record too, it's built with the implicit acknowledgement that death metal is not for normal people, and Alchemy of Flesh make no bones about it, they are just here to crack skulls. 

Alchemy Of Flesh understand the power of the death metal underground, and their music is a reflection of that. In a world where so many kids get into the scene from deathcore or metalcore, this is a record that seems to live and breathe thoroughly in the underground. There is an element to it that is meant to feel inaccessible, even though the production and performances are impressive and the music is profoundly listenable. Alchemy Of Flesh is a band made for the dark, for the devotees, and for those of us who can't help but to love this music. 

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