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Monday, September 4, 2023

Taubra - Therizo


This one is a monster. Taubra are an underground force to be reckoned with and it's hard to really come to terms with a band making occult black metal this intoxicating in 2023. The band clearly understands the power of the genre when executed properly and it's hard not to be entranced with the blasphemous visions and dark ministrations that help to make Therizo such a compelling listen. Taubra understand the miserable beauty of their darkness and entrenching yourself in it is rewarding and speaks to the bands songwriting brilliance. 

Therizo captures the imagination because it's full of the selfsame blasphemous ministrations and sorrowful visions that helped to shape the genre. While Taubra certainly aren't reinventing black metal on this record, what they are doing is concretely adding to the canon. They take the core elements that we all know and love so well and turn them into something grandiose and larger than life. The transcendent sense of bombast that Taubra bring to the table is exciting and speaks to a band who understand the power of the underground. This is black metal done with aplomb and a desire to invert the cross for all you posers out there. 

Taubra are going to draw you into the dark with Therizo. It's an album with a clear vision of a sound and vibe that few ever bother to master. Taubra are going to drag you into their nightmares and we have the honor of navigating the. These songs are intense, blasting and unrelenting, classic occult black metal done right. If you're looking for another band to expose you to the most wonderful monochromatic sonic evil, then Taubra is for you.

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