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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Deathcode Society - Unlightenment


Deathcode Society first crawled onto my radar in 2015 when they released their impressively shadowy debut Eschatonizer. Now 8 years later we have a follow up full length from this gloriously evil band, Unlightenment. It's a record steeped in the traditions of second wave Norwegian black metal but which also points at so much more. The band has crafted something wonderfully bombastic and exciting here, portraying dark visions in unholy new ways and driving listeners ever deeper into the abyss of magic and suffering. 

Unlightenment impresses because of the ravishing grimness that helps to sculpt so much of what the record is about and highlights what the band do so effectively. Deathcode Society consistently prove they have some of the most impressive songwriting and concepts behind their music. It takes balls to adapt Joron and Daumal poems into songs, but Deathcode Society find a way. Their infusion of proggier and techier elements into their second wave black metal sound is impressive too. Tracks like "Scales" feature sparkling bass lines and impressive keyboard playing that goes far beyond just vibes and it makes for compelling compositions. 

There has been a lot of really good black metal that has emerged in the last year, and Deathcode Society are part of a class of 2023 that I think fans of the underground are really going to connect with. Unlightenment is ripping, unapologetic and endlessly exciting. The band has infused classic sounds with dazzling technicality and the vision that they present is poetic, elegant and hints at so much more to come from the band. Now all we can hope is that it's not going to take another 8 years for the next record from Deathcode Society!

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