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Monday, February 26, 2024

Order Of Nosferat - The Absence Of Grace


For those of us true to the wonderfully occult and devilishly niche subgenre that is vampyric black metal there have been few stronger highlights in recent years than Order Of Nosferat. Now after a remarkably long break (For them) between studio albums, the band has returned with The Absence Of Grace, some of the groups most eerie, potent and downright evil work to date. Exactly what we need to fall in love with the twisted magic of it all. Order Of Nosferat are a one of a kind force and this latest offering is a welcome new addition. 

The Absence Of Grace is a stunner for a few reasons. While it definitely retreads old ground and touches on what the band has done previously in terms of synth laden dungeon synth black metal, the extra time between releases seems to have made Order Of Nosferat's work all the more potent. There is also a sense of desolation that resonates across this album on tracks like "Under The Sinister Shroud Of Isolation" that makes for some deliciously compelling work. The Absence Of Grace understands its scope and the power of this music. It's hard to deny the enduring crush that defines this record and the frigid atmospheres that help to draw listeners into the vision that Order Of Nosferat so gloomily present to us. 

Order Of Nosferat have long been onto something special. Now with their fourth full length since 2021 the band has started to really come into their own. This is clearly a labor of love and the vision of a quasi obsessed mind but the bands ability to keep generating interesting music that ties directly into their core sound is wonderful. Order Of Nosferat may represent a very particular sub niche but it is one I have a deep love for and I for one will eagerly be coming back to this and looking for more from the project in the near future.

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