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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Ancst - Culture Of Brutality

Wow. This is a crusher. I've been a fan of Ancst for a while now, but it feels like their latest full length, Culture Of Brutality elevates them to a whole new level. While their last album Zorn felt much more black metal, Culture Of Brutality injects a lot of the old metallic hardcore, skramz and punk influences back into the band and it makes for their most vibrant and exciting release to date. This is an album that seems to point to the future of the band, giving them a distinct sound that is deeply exciting and hints at so much more that they could be doing. 

Culture Of Brutality shines because of the clarity of the vision behind it. Ancst took their time writing this album, but it feels like the perfect distillation of all of their influences into something greater and borderline transcendne.t It's hard not to be charmed by the breadth of their vision and the scope of the execution taht they bring to the table. This is a record that effortlessly leaps from breakdowns into tremolo picked moments of evil but does it in a way that feels good, feels right and feels like the band is pointing towards something more. For a long time I knew that Ancst had a lot of potential, this record seems to push them further. 

Ancst have crafted something intense, exciting and deeply personal. It's a record that puts them in a brand new league and which suggests that these Berlin favorite could drive rowards something greater. When I first heard this record I was excited. Now a few listens in I'm frothing at the most to hear more and to oncem ore witness this band live. Cultue Of Brutality sees the band finally living up to all I've thought they could be and it's another classic release from the always excellent Lifeforce Records. Dig in when it drops May 3.

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