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Monday, June 24, 2024

Uprising - III


This is a wonderfully twisted one. Uprising are a German black metal band on AOP Records who have been crafting thoughtful and intense music for a few years now. Wonderfully melancholic and emotional but rooted in many classic black metal tropes, III is a compelling offering and a record that I think fans of the underground are going to continually find themselves getting lost in. There is a wonderful bitterness and bleak vision that is painted on this record that is hard to distance yourself from.

III represents a net level performance and one that is brilliantly intense and personal. There is a very clear and heartbroken beauty that helps to shape so many of the songs on this record. Tracks like Raise A Glass reflect this sense of melancholy and shroud it in a storm of tremolo picks and blast beats. Monochromatic and powerful, Uprising find a way to make their clear cut black metal resonate with the hearts of their listeners. It's hard to separate yourself from these war cries, they ring tragic. 

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