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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Iron Butterfly- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Yes that's right. 3 BLOG POSTS IN ONE DAY! That is how dedicated I am right now, later on I'll push some off so savor it while you can. This is a continuation on my series on the origins of metal. Today we are visiting another album which is among the very first in metal. It is not that hard and it almost feels as if the Beatles turned on the distortion. Overall though this is a pretty sick album. There is almost, I guess one might say... a metal pop feel if you know what I mean. When I say pop I mean Beatles style pop FYI. If you listen to the album you'll know what I mean it works for this album I think but it does not seem to show a lot of technical skill.
The genre of this album is very difficult to place but you can definitely get an early metal feel from it. Listening to it you get an idea that Iron Butterfly was like “Well we want to be popular like The Beatles but we also want like to try out this new metal stuff, lets like combine the the two!” High fives all around and this album happened. It works okay but it is not great. The music is very upbeat for metal and gives me the tinglies on the inside just like Maiden's Dance of Death! (Yes Dance of Death gives me the tinglies.) I like it but the musicianship is more of the level of the Beatles (Middlyish) than like Zep or Sabbath.
The musicianship is ok, slightly above average but nothing truly special. The solos are rather weak and show no incredible skill. The upbeatness manages to compensate for some of this. The lyrics are pretty good, but again Beatles-like in tone. It actually fits to a degree, it is very interesting really how this works and so I am wishy-washy about this album. There are no power chords as far as I can tell. The album is not very powerful actually it comes off as rather weak, notice that I said weak not limp. It is not pathetic it just is not very hard. All in all it comes out reasonably well.
This is a reasonable album. It has an interesting sound and is like a harder version of the Beatles. While instrumentation is only slightly above average the lyrics are also kind of meh. It is a good listen though, the brightness of the album gives it a good feel and I like it for that. There is less of the darkness so present in most metal and with kinda happy tones it turns out to be kind of cool. I like it but I don't think it is that good so it does not get to high of a rating. Overall it is a good listen when curious about the origins of metal. It is almost hard to believe that such extremely hard stuff could come from... this.
OVERALL 6.5/10

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