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Saturday, October 2, 2010



Well I decided to do a series on the birth of hard rock and metal so I'm basically going to be covering the harder side of the 70's. This album is the first album that really started to feature hard rock. While there are a lot of blues tracks which are really awesome like “You Shook Me” there is also some of the very first ever metal on this album. This would include songs like “Good Times Bad Times” and the legendary “Dazed and Confused”. While not quite metal this is definitely showing the seeds of metal.
This album is really a typical 'first album' in structure. There is a high powered song at the beginning (Good Times Bad Times) that sets the tone for the band. Then there are some brilliant tracks showing off Page's guitar stuff and Plant's vocal range. Bonham provides heavy and strong drumming Jones's bass also shows great skill on his part. I found that the album just has beauty. While it is primarily blues influenced this is like the predecessor to metal and without this there would be no metal.
The lyrics are mostly bluesy but some show some real metal. In particular “Communication Breakdown” the hardest metal around at the time has been covered by a variety of bands such as Wolfmother. Overall the lyrics have a sad sort of feel emanating from them but for the faster songs they are very high in energy. They are very good though and as a whole give a very complete feel. The album just has a very good feel to it.
This album is probably the first hard album. While some of you Extreme Metalheads out there might call it weak you would have no Extreme Metal without these guys (FYI I like extreme). This album has shaped the course of rock and it has great technical skill from Page and range from Plant, Bonham provides powerful drumming and Jones proves his place as one of the very best bassists of all time.

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