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Monday, October 11, 2010

Led Zeppelin Band Profile

Well this is the first in what I call band profiles. It is a collection of profiles of bands and their famous works as well as influences and some people they influenced.
So today we start out band profiles with what is in my honest (and correct) opinion the best band ever. That band, as those of you who were not to lazy to read the title will know is Led Zeppelin. Also known as Led Zep, Zeppelin or simply Zep this is a legendary band that has sold millions of records and is loved (or at least appreciated) by every single sane human being. They have countless classics and brilliant band members and their influence has made rock what it is. These guys made STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN the best song EVER. These guys made Whole Lotta Love, these guys made kids want to grow up to be rock stars and some of them (read Jack White and Cobain among others) actually became amazing cool guitar gods.
The most notable part of Zep is the fact that they are composed of 4 of the greatest musicians who have ever lived all of whom regularly make the lists of top 10 musicians of whatever instrument they played. There was Jimmy Page who is in my opinion the best guitar player ever, but I will allow Hendrix to enter the debate His solos are legendary and spectacular. There was John Bonham, whose heavy drumming and powerful arms made him a drum legend, second only to Keith Moon. There was John Paul Jones (that was his stage name) crafter of great bass lines and good in numerous other instruments that made him invaluable to any Zeppelin album or song. Then there was Robert Plant (who I have tickets to see October 24th!!!) one of the best vocalists of all time and possibly the one with the greatest vocal range. Together these men grew their hair out, smoked, and rocked their way into godhood.
They formed up in 1968 having to do a Scandinavian tour for the Yarbirds a band containing Jimmy Page who had just broken up. Page was assigned the task by the ex-Yardbirds members to make a line up for this tour. He found Plant, Bonham and Jones and a legend was born. They liked their sound so much they decided to stay together after the tour and formed Led Zep. Their first album came out in 1969 and started with the hard and formidable Good Times Bad Times and it just stayed hard from there.
Overall this is the best band ever. A combination of hard rock and metal and also blues influences they showed great musicianship and skill. I like all other good Zep fans wish daily for the Great Return, when Plant, Page, Bonham's son Jason (John Bonhams son, Bonham died in an alchohol related incident in 1980 but Jason is a skilled drummer.) and Jones join up and tour again.

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