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Monday, October 11, 2010

NIRVANA band profile

Today I'm going to cover Nirvana and do a band profile for them. These guys rocked the 90's and rocked it hard. While lacking technical skill they had memorable riffs and are rightly rated among the rock gods even only 15ish years after Cobain, you know... *sniff*. They were one of my favorite 3 piece bands of all time. They had the brilliant Kurt Cobain, who was a guitarist and singer, he composed legendary riffs that will be remembered for decades if not centuries. Dave Grohl their main drummer was talented and powerful and made the songs steady and powerful. Krist Kristiansen (I think that's his name.) Had a great talent with the bass and people love him even today. His lines were memorable.
This band was a grunge band through and through. Actually they invented the genre. With rather unintelligible lyrics, distorted power chords and a headbanging sound they embodied grunge and everything that it should be. What was originally a simple garage band from Seattle became a legendary group with a golgafrinchan (it means big) following. In the words of “Weird” Al Yankovic “It sure beats raising cattle”. Comment please if you got either of the references made in the last 2 sentences it would be really cool to know that I'm not just babbling on and no one gets my humor, feel free to lie and say you get it even if you don't because then I'll get to feel special and have a tingly feeling on the inside.
They recorded some really good songs that will be remembered for aeons to come. Probably their most popular and important defining song is Smelled Like Teen Spirit. Other cool works of theirs include “Pennyroyal Tea” (the only rock song to mention laxatives), “In Bloom” (I love the lyrics of that one, play them to some weird little kid who like pop, make sure they have no idea what pop lyrics mean/suggest you get odd results.) and “The Man Who Sold the World” (one of my favorite covers of all time, post if you know who they covered,).
Overall this band rocks and rocked hard till Cobain.. committed suicide thus joining the 27 club and causing us to take all shotguns away from rock stars. They had a heavy defining sound and a powerful cause and meaning behind their songs. I like many others see this as THE grunge band and they are my favorite 90s band. They also called me to forever curse my music teacher from last year at school who when we talked about 90s music she was all about boy bands and Aerosmith (who was an 80s band, showing a lack of understanding of the topic.) but never mentioned Nirvana. So music teachers remember Nirvana in your next music lesson!