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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ramones- Ramones

Right so now I felt like covering the very first (or at least one of the first) punk albums. This album which was 33rd on Rolling Stone Magazine 500 greatest album list is the self title debut album Ramones. I would like to point out that the cover art is awesome by the way. This album is loud and hard and pretty much epitomizes punk. The lyrics are offensive and the sound can only be described as brash. It is a bold album that heartily flipped off the emerging genre of glam rock and the more and more self absorbed rock that was growing more popular. These guys said no to all of that and burst on the scene with some bold and powerful lyrics and music that before this had never been seen before. This album truly marks the birth of punk.
The music is definitely technically lacking. A couple months ago I learned 3 of their songs in one day, all 3 of them were off this album. But there is just something about this album that makes it appeal and you just have to love it despite the fact that there is little technical skill. The band is not talent free it's just that they know what type of sound that they want and they are willing to use it all the time. The sound is like one constant wave of different sounds of distortion, in a good way. If you listen to the album you will understand what I am saying. You can't put the feeling this album gives you in words.
The lyrics are often pretty offensive but Deedee Ramone just has something that makes it all seem all right. Bold and powerful but all right. His voice, ever since I first heard it back in 6th grade has always attracted me. It really shows a lot of raw punkness. That's the thing with this album you can't rate it by technical skill but rather the sheer sound in itself. The music shows little technical skill if you look at the individual notes but the rhythms in themselves make the album what it is. Like I said you have to give it a listen or else you'll have no idea what I am talking about. Just listen to it right now, when your done you can read the rest of the article.
Overall this album is really hard rocking and pretty darn metal if you ask me. It used high levels of distortion for the era and had an amazing rock and roll atmosphere that was really cool and came off well. For me this is one of the albums that MAKES rock and roll. Punk is a very important subgenre and this album kicks it off in a loud and bold style that shows all of the flair of a hardcore punk album and is really a whole new subgenre of metal. Actually now that I think about it this maybe the very first subgenre of metal ever to be created. But yeah, this album rocks so go listen to it before I have to eat you.
OVERALL 9.75/10
Ramones (Dlx)

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