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Friday, October 22, 2010

Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden

Right, so today I felt like listening to some Maiden and getting a review in. So we are doing what is pretty much universally accepted as the best Iron Maiden album, The Number of the Beast. This is a sick album featuring some classic Maiden songs. Actually 5 of the 8 songs on the album are classics and some of the best songs ever. Also this Album features the introduction of Bruce Dickinson. It starts out with a hard metal song Invaders, a classic and super loud metal song and it ends with Hallowed Be Thy Name probably the best metal sog ever which I am 95% sure that it is in fact about the book Tale of Two Cities.
This album just epitomizes Iron Maiden. It has all of the explosiveness and awesomeness of a metal album but with beautiful lyrics and tones that make me love Iron Maiden so much. Children of the Damned is the first song on the track and right away it shows Bruce Dickinson's amazing voice off. You get the sense that this is for those anxious fans afraid that he might wreck the band. He did not in fact wreck it. He made it. Bruce Dickinson changed Iron Maiden from a pretty big metal band into THE metal band. The music is amazing, it features some of the best intros and some of the strongest solos and choruses that I have ever heard. This album really has 'meat' if you will. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction from listening to it. It just brings me joy and a tingly feeling into the base of my stomach.
I like this album because it is loud and dirty. It has the amazing tones that make Maiden who they are, and who they are is the best metal band ever, shut up all who argue. And while the guitar and bass is all excellent and the drums are great ESPECIALLY in Run To The Hills Dickinson makes it special. Just try it, listen to a Dickinson Iron Maiden song and then listen to a non Dickinson Iron Maiden song. The Dickinson one is better 9 times out of 10. (Please note I am still a fan of Paul, but not Blaze, Blaze sucked and that's all there is too it.)
Overall this album rocks really really hard. It also features some of the best Iron Maiden ballads of all time, theses include Children of the Damned and Run to the Hills. And it also shows the true power of metal, really for the first time. It proves with the song Hallowed Be Thy Name that metal can do anything. The music is great and you really need to listen to it, it is that good and just makes me happy when I listen too it despite the darker subject matter. Just listen to this album everything about this album is amazing.
ps. I would like to note that Two Guys does not support satanism in any way shape or form.
The Number Of The Beast (Album Version)

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