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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Freaky Styley-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Now I know I might get a lot of crap for reviewing this because its not a metal album, but I felt like it and a lot of people like these guys so maybe I will boost popularity. It starts out with a cool bass riff that really brings you into the album. The lyrics then come in and you're pulled into a psychedelic and funk rock explosion. The music has a funky feeling but it is oddly appealing. It kind of makes me smile and sway a little. It does not have blow your ears off volume or insanely powerful power chord explosions it is just solid musicianship. The solo off the first track right away shows off some technical skill and it gets better. The music makes you want to sing a long. While on many tracks when the name gets repeated too much the song becomes dull, here it is actually kind of appealing, which is really cool.
There are quite a few cool guitar riffs. Basically on this album there is a lead riff that kind of goes under the lyrics and drives the songs as much as the drums do. Sometimes this lead riff is on bass and other times it is guitar, and other times they both have a riff, sometimes the same and sometimes different ones. While no incredible technical skill is show there is definitely some serious skill with the guitarist and bassist. The musicians combine together very nicely to form a nice whole which has parts for all of the musicians and sounds really good. There is not a lot of distortion on this album but seeing how this is not the goal of the album it is okay. It shows off some really good riff writing skills on the part of the band.
I can see why this band appeals to many. It gives all sorts of parts for all sorts of musicians to play. Unlike many other bands these guys have all parts equally heard, it is not the traditional bass lead guitar combo, here everybody shares roles and the bass can have the melody part in some tracks. There seems to not be the traditional synergy between the lead singer and guitarist, instead all the musicians have synergy with each other. It forms for a nice combination that is rather appealing and better than many bands which regularly dump off their bassists and drummers while keeping the guitarist and lead singer. This album has a lot of creative and really cool and creative tracks that feature some very funky lyrics.
This is not a metal album but it is still very good. It has a lot of cool riffs and funky lyrics with sing-a-long choruses. There are some average solos and overall the technical chops are above average and speak to the listener. There is a notable balance between the parts so I like this album. If simply for how it spreads parts among the musicians. This is definitely worth a listen even if you are into metal and hard rock.

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