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Friday, November 26, 2010

Theater of Pain-Motley Crue

So today I'm covering an album suggested to me by my Aunt. She is the husband of the heavy metal uncle. So this is one of two reviews from her and so let's get started. This is Theater of Pain of Motley Crue. It starts out with a really cool track called City Boy Blues. This song really spoke to me as it sounds a lot like what I play, really loud and distorted blues. The vocals are pretty classic heavy metal style and the guitar is good. This is a solid album featuring some classic Motley Crue and we get to see the Crue exactly how they want to be seen, loud gritty and angry. Also I would like to say that the cover art is really nifty. I like good cover art and this album has particularly excellent cover art, it adds a good feel to the album.
So after the lead track City Boy Blues which I really liked we get to the Crue classic Smoking in the Boys Room, which I find pretty amazing musically and cool lyrically. The lyrics epitomize high school heavy metal on this track. Fighting against the regulations and doing what you want to do even if it is against the rules. I thought that really just made the album feel spectacular. It has that same quality of some Maiden where you want to sing a long to the amazing choruses. There are some really good songs on this album like Louder than Hell, another Crue classic but for me Smoking in the Boys Room makes the album
The music is overall pretty good. The vocals are traditional heavy metal kind of scratchy and messed up. The guitar is mostly power chords with some good solos and nice power chord oriented riffs. One of the best riffs is in the track Louder than Hell. The bass does not come through as much as it could but it does provide a good back-up to the album and is a key part of the rhythm section. The drums are really loud and powerful and pretty impressive. I like a lot of this album it features a lot of good and original sounds while keeping a really nice heavy metal feel. This album succeeds in making you want to sing a long and for me that is one of the key tenets to any goood album, wanting to sing/scream along.
Overall this is an awesome album. It shows some good talent and nice riffs and it is generally just fun to listen too. And if it is not fun to listen to then I would not like it. But this album rocks it is a blast to listen to. While it is not melt your ears loud it is still heavy metal and really good and raunchy. A lot of metal fans would like this album as it has a lot of skill. It does lack something though, and I'm not sure what but I think its the lack of spectacular solos and slightly screwy vocals so some points get knocked off. Still worth a listen.

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