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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Look Like Hell-Sleeze Beez

So today I'm writing a review of the Sleeze Beez another band suggested to me by my aunt. Before I start I would like to say that Sleeze Beez is possibly he worst band name ever. This album starts out with the track “Girls Girls Nasty Nasty” it features some GNR type sound but it lacks the same quality of Guns n Roses. This is a decent band but not a great one and they produced a good but not great album here. There is a loud and sweaty Sleaze Rock type feel. They sound a bit like Ratt. There is little lyrical significance but here that is not the point. The point is to have some loud and angry 90s heavy metal. Power chords dominate the music and the distortion is dirtier sounding than many other bands.
This is a good album but a dirt gritty one. As in the feel of the atmosphere is a gritty punk/sleaze metal type thing. There is definitely some protest against people traditionally thought of as Rock Gods like Pink Floyd. They pretty much openly mock Floyd in the second track “Party Animals”. This adds to the punk feel. A good way to describe the sound of this album is that they are a bit like the Ramones but with a worst vocalist and dirtier sound with a sleaze metal emphasis. This album is all about buzz, but for me it fails to deliver and is actually kind of disappointing judging from how I thought the album would sound.;
There is little vocal skill however there is some experimentation with an early form of death growling in some tracks. The music is really not that good. It does not deliver to me any sort of buzz. It lacks something that makes you want to headbang to it. It is better than some bands but it is by no means great. The guitar is average at best delivering flashy but unskilled solos. The bass barely comes through and when it does it is mediocre. The drums are rather good though and drive the music very well. Admittedly there are some good riffs but they are not enough to make this album truly awesome and cool.
Overall this is at best an okay album. It shows little technical skill and does not really produce any sort of cool heavy metal vibe. It pretty much fails on that front. It shows some experimentation musically but nothing to special and nothing to make me really love this album If you are into sleaze metal it may be worth a listen but to me they will always be an average band of no great reknown. There is some potential here but it is nothing special and it really does not speak to me or show any great artistry.

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