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Friday, November 12, 2010

Love At First Sting- Scorpions

Right so I love the Scorpions and I felt like doing a mid-80's album. So you have a tonights review. Love at First Sting. This album starts out with a bang in Bad Boys Running Wild and keeps on rocking to the end. It showcases all of the Scorpions talents and shows off their best song Rock You Like A Hurricane which is in my list of top 20 songs. This album just explodes our of the gate with the fiery Bad Boys on the Run. During this song your like this is a pretty good song. The album would be pretty good if the rest of it is like this. But the very next song is Rock You like a Hurricane which is just like BAM blown away. Its hard to process the first time you ever hear it. You're just kind of like... is this even possible? Can you possibly record a song that good? This album is pretty much the bands legacy. Not saying they did not have other classics, they did like Winds of Change and No One Like You. But this song just blows away EVERYTHING.
The music is great. It flows seamlessly from one track to another. It is full of spectacular guitar solos, steady bass lines and really nice drum parts. The vocals are just spectacular, you have to love Klaus Meine he has a really cool voice. The music is really hard. It basically has power chord riffs and then spectacular solos. They have a really nice feel that makes you just want to headbang. Everything in the Scorpions compliments each other part really well. If you just listen to them you'll get what i'm trying to communicate its just really cool.
The lyrics are almost all based on love. This is pretty good for the first couple of songs but after a while it gets redundant. While the vocals nice and they are given a chance to shine in Coming Home they still do not have the same awesomesauce quality of Iron Maiden. They are really good though, compared to 95% of metal artists they are better. The music has an explosive quality tht can really be scene in two tracks. The first is the title track which from your silence explodes the album into existence and then Coming Home which starts out as a nice ballad but then explodes into a really hard and cool track. I would like to say now that I can not choose which is better the Iron Maiden track “Coming Home” or the Scorpions Track “Coming Home”. Yes I just said a metal band might be able to compare to Maiden. Its that good of an album that you really need to go and hear... right now, but first finish reading. I also like Big City Nights, it has a catchy chorus. Actually the entire album has a lot of fantastic choruses which is one of my favorite parts about them. They have awesome choruses to just sing loudly along to and jam with.
Overall this is a heavy metal and fast thrashy type album. It features one of the greatest tracks of all time in Rock You Like A Hurricane and has a slew of other pretty nice tracks. There is technical skill here and fantastic solos with rather unique vocals. This album can pretty much blow anybody in the world away if they listen to it for the first time. IT is one of the major proponents of metal. The only issue with it is that the lyrics lack depth otherwise listen to it, even if merely for Rock You Like a Hurricane and the fantastic guitar parts. So yeah, a really hard and metal album with great guitar and shallow lyrics. GO LISTEN TO IT!

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