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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Metallica Master of Puppets

Right... FYI we are still advancing through the history of metal, i hope to get to the early 90's by the end of the weekend. So I decided to review some classic Metallica. The album starts out with an explosion. The first 39 seconds of the lead track are acoustic, and right away you go "Huh", and then at second #40 it explodes and you go, ahh there it is. One of the best Metallica albums and the last to feature Cliff Burton you have to love this album. It is explosive and shows all of the old Metallica awesomeness that you know and love. It is not the weak crap they tried to feed us later this is heavy metal and Metallica at one of its finest moments. After Enter Sandman they went downhill this is like the first album of their glory years. Not saying previously they had no good tracks but for several albums they were among the best. Nearly on par with Iron Maiden, but not quite.
And then you have one of metallica's finest songs and one of their darkest tracks. MASTER OF PUPPETS! This track is one of THE classic metal songs and just blows the speakers out with it's awesomeness. Metallica shows that they are a band worthy of the Rock and Roll hall of fame with this album. The entire album is powerful and shows off an incredible musical skill on the part of all the bad members. From the memorable guitar riffs of Hammet and Hetfield to the amazingly powerful drums of Ulrich, one of the best drummers ever, and the nice bass parts of the late bass god Cliff Burton. Everything about this album s spectacular and it is a combination of some of the worlds greatest musicians into a spectacular metal that you really can not criticize at all.
Many of the lyrics on this album are rather disturbing. Master of Puppets is one of the most disturbing songs you'll ever hear. Then there are other tracks with twisted themes like Leper Messiah and Welcome Home Sanitarium. But Hetfield is extremely capable of communicating the anger and explosiveness present in all of the songs on the record. He has a voice that is very good for this angry style of music. It is his specialty and it sounds really really good and is complicated nicely by the guitar. His voice was pretty much made for this and nothing else. The album exudes anger though. That is really just the theme of the album, anger darkness and shadows.
So this is an angry album that shows some really nice chops in the metal department. This is one of the greatest albums of the 80s and really shows remarkable talent on the part of every musician and is a really good legacy for CLiff Burton one of the best bassists of all time. Before wrapping up i would like to say that Welcome Home Sanitarium sounds suspiciously like One. Otherwise, a really amazing album that shows some of the best chops i have ever heard but it lacks some of the epicness of the best metal albums. The greatest shortcoming of metallica is their lack of ballads, they have some good ones but no spectacular ones. If there had been a really good power ballad then this album would be 10/10 already it is really high rated. Just listen to it guys you'll like it.

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