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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Open up and say... Ahh!-Poison

This album features one of the best songs ever to be destroyed. But more on that later. Right off the bat Open Up and say... Ahh! starts out with a spectacular riff driven "Love On The Rocks". It sounds to be only power chords but features a loud and raunchy sound. It was a good choice to put this track first, the power chords are blaring, the chorus is really nice and the lyrics... refer to the title in an euphimistic way. It right away features some tapping and nice solos. The chords lead to a very heavy sound that are complimented nicely by the voice of Michaels, which contrary to many heavy metal singers is really good. He can really communicate the emotion of the song and make your heart soar, as he does Nothin' But a Good Time or slow down and contemplate like in the classic Every Rose has it's Thorn.
It is not very technically skilled but the feel is really what drives it. I mean Deville (the guitarist) is above average but still it is nothing to rave about. Still the solos are all pretty cool and are rather flashy Deville is a good tapper. The bass hardly comes through on most tracks and when it does it is pretty plain. The drums are loud and show off a reasonable level of skill. Their are some really nice effects here which do not dominate the music but they add a nice feel to it. The voice of Michaels is what makes the band special. He dominates the tracks and while the guitar has some nice solos Michaels makes the album rock. If there was no Michaels this would be just another metal band. It does sound pretty cool, even if the instrumentalists are pretty normal.
The lyrics are typically euphemistic in nature but several of the tracks have other themes. For example Back to The Rocking Horse is a song questioning the vocalists sanity. There is a good balance between the singing of Michaels and the slightly above average Deville's guitar. Good Love has a call and response section between the guitar and the singing which sounds pretty cool. After a while the tracks start to sound the same. Theirs only so much that you can do with power chords and sexual lyrics. After a while the songs kind of blend into each other... except of course for every rose has its thorn, the ULTIMATE Poison song. Asides from that the album kind of fades.
This album is way above average and is a good listen but the tracks get kind of generic after a while. If you listened to them one at a time and not consecutively you would enjoy them but if you listen to them all in a row it gets dull. Every rose has its thorn is the brilliant exception. Now before closing up I would like to say that a certain Miley Cyrus killed this song so she can go lie in some crap. I am very angry at her for ruining one of the best songs ever and definitely the best song ever done by Poison. So you need to go yell at her ye who live near her (if any of you do). I HATE WHEN POP STARS WRECK GOOD SONGS! Anywa a good album but it gets kind of dull after a while.

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