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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Appetite for Destruction-GnR

So now I'm reviewing some good old GNR one of my favorite late 80s early 90s bands. Now they just suck. Anyway this album explodes out with the classic anthem Welcome to the Jungle. This immediately got them a legacy as one of the greatest metal bands of the 80s and lay down the summary of what was to come, fantastic guitar licks, shrieking vocals courtesy of Axl and just generally spectacular music. This album is so fill of energy it just kind of makes you smile for most people there first song does not show nearly as much potential. So after an explosive first track the album gets kind of weird with the extremely strange "Its So Easy" with its weird mixing so it sounds faded out. There are some classic tracks on this album though, however note there is some swearing.
But after Its So Easy it goes into some good old awesome heavy metal with amazing riffs and power chords complimented by Axls cool voice. Night Train really sets the tone as a Guns N Roses song. It is filled with power chords Axl shrieking and an amazing solo by slash. Then as with most 80s song the titles is repeated about 80 million times at the end of the song. Actually its a formula that works pretty well and sounds awesome if after a while kinda old. Yet the first tracks come screaming out preparing you for the 2 other true Guns N Roses Classics the awesome Paradise City and Sweet Child O Mine. Early on GNR establishes some great harmonic choruses and a raunchy sound thats filled with euphimism and swearing. This adds to the general musical atmosphere and compliments the album nicely. This album is really how heavy metal should be.
The music is pretty much driven by Slash's guitar which saves a lot of the music from sucking. While the other musicians are pretty good Axls voice while unique and very interesting is not spectacular and he needs those good musicians who compliment his voice. Lets just say if Axl tried to have a solo career it probably would not work. His voice does though add to the harsh and grimy feel of the album so it works but it is not as good as other heavy metal vocalists might be. There are some really famous guitar bits here in particular sweet child o mine but the rest of iit shows off slash. Slash is really the one who makes GNR rock but the other musicians make it sound awesome.
So this is an album with several classic rock songs and some really cool choruses all complimented by the godly guitar of Slash. GnR shows a lot of potential in this album and they went on to fulfill that potential and prove themselves as some of the best musicians ever to hit the metal scene. You have to admit Axl does not have the greatest voice but it fits ok with Slash's guitar.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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