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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rock In Rio-Iron Maiden

Yeah I'm doing a 3rd. Ok so I finally realized the live album I love the most in the world that features spectacular music and a couple of the worlds best recordings. It has a spectacular intro and only gets better. OH MY GOD I love this album. It is my favorite live album of all time and features AMAZING sing-a-longs that make you just want to pick up and play guitar and sing a long as loud as you can! This album is Rock In Rio by IRON MAIDEN. This was recorded in front of 250,000 people and gives you the true concert feel. You can feel yourself standing in the huge stadium with thousands of fellow Maiden fans. You can almost smell the sweat and feel the mad joy as people rush for the mosh pit at the center of the stage. It fills me with energy and is the ultimate suppressant. I have stayed up nights playing chess and listening to this album. It is beautiful and it really captures the true essence of the worlds greatest pure metal band. Just start listening to it now from the beginning and you'll be pulled in.
Before this album I liked Iron Maiden. But to me they were still not really what I was into. Back then I pretty much only listen to Zep and such. Then one day I heard the live version of Brave New World off this album. I started singing along, loudly, at school. My metalhead friend Dave (Dan knows him too) was like “Yeah” and I was in. This album truly got me from liking heavy metal to LOVING heavy metal. Heck, my CAT loves this album. But really, I can almost see Adrian rocking out on his guitar in front of me and I can see Dickinson's face go red as he screams “I CAN'T HEAR YOU!”. If you want to get someone really into metal who already likes Led Zep and a few metal songs this album will draw them in. Actually scratch that. This could make a pop lover drop their Justin Bieber and start wearing Maiden shirts.
The recording quality of this album is remarkable. In some live albums you lose bits, but here everything is recorded perfectly and you can hear the roar of the crowd so you feel as if you are really there. The first 3 tracks of the album are all pretty amazing but it goes from a great live album to my favorite live album just through the song Brave New World which explodes with thousands of people singing along. The overall track selection is very good. They play a lot of their classics but they miss some which would have made this album like I dunno worshiped in several small dictatorships. We do get to hear long-time classics Iron Maiden, Run to the Hills, The Trooper and Hallowed Be Thy Name and many others, but I feel if there was Children of the Damned on here as well as Paschendale, and some of the other sing-a-long classics it would be worshiped in those small dictatorships.
Overall I love this album and if you listen to it you will hear why. It rocks and no one can argue how metal and amazing it is. So just shut up and go listen to it. In the words of Dan “If you don't like it you're a crack head.” That pretty much sums up this album. It gives you the feel of a Maiden concert and the adrenaline. You can feel it and it makes you want to jam and just live a heavy metal life, so go listen.
Better than 11/10

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