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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ace of Spades-Motorhead

So yeah 2 reviews today, feel special huh? So now, 11 hours later Ima do a review of the classic early thrash album Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Another suggestion from my oh so helpful Uncle. Also known as one major metalhead. Anyway Lemmy the lead singer of Motorhead says that he is not metal but rock and roll, for the record THIS IS METAL LEMMY ACCEPT IT, YOU ARE AN AWESOME METAL SINGER. This is in fact better defined as early thrash metal than anything else and sounds really cool. It just explodes loud and vicious and shows off a lot of riff building skill with some great power chords in the back. What is also spectacular is that this is probably the worlds heaviest power trio. The fact that they get a sound just as hard as Maiden with only 1 guitar and a bassist who is also the vocalist is pretty spectacular to me. This just seems... I guess not musically possible but it is and it works AMAZINGLY well and sounds just really amazing and embodies true 80's metal.
The first thing you need to know about Motorhead is that Lemmy is no Robert Plant, or even James Hetfield. His voice by most standards sucks. Yet it actually works for this album. A man most people could sing better than just makes Motorhead awesome. He shows that they don't care about image or selling records just their music. If they cared about their music they would get a new lead singer, but that would kill what Motorhead actually is. And this album epitomizes Motorhead an awesome metal trio that has amazing skill and a vocalist with a voice that is PERFECT for this band and would otherwise never work ever not in a million years. Its really cool how it works for him and none other. Wikipedia describes his voice as “gravely” which is pretty much the best way to describe it to someone.
The other musicians are spectacular. While Lemmy's bass does not come through, HOLY CRAP that guitar is amazing! Especially on We are the Road Workers in which we get to here a brilliant solo at the end of the song which shows incredible technical skill on the part of Eddie Clarke. The drums are also brilliant. There is a particularly good drum part in Fire Fire. The album has some great songs on it, I like We are the Road Workers and Fire Fire. Fast and Loose has a title that can be taken out of context and when I first saw it I realized that bathroom humor is an odd thing to be going through your head as you sit down to write. There are 2 true classics on this album though. The 2 really amazing songs are of course Ace of Spades and Jailbait, both awesome Motorhead songs.
So this is a really hard rocking album that almost makes my ears bleed. It is pretty spectacular. There are technical chops and there is Lemmys gravelly voice all coming together to make a pretty amazing album. You totally should listen to this, I like it, it really made my evening. So yeah go crazy.
Ace of Spades

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