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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Too Fast For Love-Motley Crue

Right so today I'm covering the first Motley Crue album Too Fast for Love, again thank-you to the Uncle for the album suggestion. This is the first glam metal album I've ever really done. It is really hard and amazing for early metal. In my opinion it is harder than the Killers album I recently reviewed. This album is considered one of the first 'true' glam albums actually at #12 on Rolling Stone Magazines list of best Glam Albums. I was immediately amazed at how hard it was. You could say it was pretty much an explosion. It is all very hard and raunchy. Despite its rep as a glam album it does have some more punk and 'real' heavy metal sounds than other glam albums. At this point I think they were still realizing they were more of a metal band than a glam band. Which I find rather ironic that this heavy metal band was originally a glam band, I don't know it just strikes me as a little odd and just kind of funny.
The music is very loud and impressive. While not so much technically skilled (there are some good solos though), the music is mostly comprised of power chords, it comes out in a really cool way. The music is not about being technically skilled though, its about being loud and amazing, and thats what it does. There are some growling power chords which pretty much dominate the music. Then there are some... unique... instruments. In particular a cowbell is featured in the track Public Enemy. In fact a cowbell works spectacularly with the music it was a brilliant decision to add that in I think. The solos are all pretty nice and show some skill but they are nothing to be particularly amazed at. The solos are good but Mick Mars (the guitarist) is not going to be worshipped by anyone. He will be very much respected and seen as a guitarist who made some great music but he is by no means a 'guitar god', just very good.
The lyrics are often raunchy and rude, and generally pretty much punk and glam. Thats really the only way to describe these lyrics, simply punk and glam. So in other words there are some suggestive lyrics, protesting lyrics, angry lyrics, and others simply rock and roll. They combine to form a very heavy album that really shows how the latest metal sounded when this was released. This was the most current and up to date metal released. It shows a lot of strength and potential for an up and coming band. However The Crue while they reached international album will never be considered gods among men as Zeppelin or Sabbath is often considered. Instead they are just a step below that, at the 'very good' level.
Overall this album rocks but some bits can get repetitive and slightly meh after a while. The continued power chords eventually get a bit stale and start to go towards the failish side. It just does not end and is kind of a repetition on a theme. Fortunately the album has a very good theme so it stays strong but grows a bit stale. There are some really nice solos and power chord rythyms and shows a lot of potential but unfortunaterly the Crue stayed at basically this level their whole career. Still this is worth a listen.
Too Fast for Love

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