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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Among the Living-Anthrax

 So today I'm covering the thrash metal genius's ANTHRAX and their classic album Among The Living. This is a heavy loud and angry thrash album. Dedicated to the then recently passed Cliff Burton, this album is a more than decent tribute. This is loud and angry classic thrash metal at it's finest. I am jamming to this at full volume right now and I can't stop just head banging. This album makes you want to move and attend an Anthrax concert. The riffs are loud and awesome and simply classic, classic thrash metal. The vocals are harsh and they rock hard and helped to define the thrash metal sound for years to come. There are some thrash standards here like Indians and Caught in a Mosh. (For the record on my list of best song names Caught in a Mosh is right below Sabbath's Fairies wear boots.)
The album starts out with the high powered classic thrash song Among the Living, the guitar and drum synchronization and syncopation makes for a very fast paced and spectacular sounding thrash song. The guitar has some spectacular solos on this album, including in the track Caught in a Mosh. The solos are very fulfilling and add to the whole atmosphere and strength of the album. The bass has some nice riffs as well. One example is the riff heard during breaks in the solo of Caught in a Mosh. Otherwise the bass mostly just reinforces the guitar riffs. The drums are loud and steady and simply standard thrash metal drums. The drums have some very good rhythmic parts especially in the beginning of I am the Law.
The lyrics on this album are standard thrash metal mostly. They are about some complex topics, like the law and they reduce them to several angry components. The sheer anger in the lyrics and protest is almost punk like. There are lots of repetitions of choruses in this song to emphasize major points in the lyrics. The vocals by Joey Belladonna are simply awesome and show a lot of skill and really emphasize the anger that is so present in thrash metal. This album features some amazing thrash vocals which just go above and beyond the standard thrash metal vocalists skill, the singing here is awesome.
Overall this is an excellent album with soaring guitar leads and powerful bass riffs. The lyrics are fairly good and the vocals are amazing. This album has a slew of thrash classics that all who love heavy metal would love. This album is not very accessible to non-heavy metal people, but isn't that the point of thrash? This album has good replay value because it has so many awesome thrash metal classics. So yeah, this is an amazing headbanging album that you just don't want to end, it just has to keep going and puts you in a thrash metal mood for the rest of the day. You should totally go and listen to this album, you won't regret it.

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