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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bomber- Motorhead

 So for the fourth review of the day I am reviewing Motorhead's classic album Bomber. This features some metal classics like Dead Men Tell No Tales and Stone Dead Forever. All feature the classic Lemmy vocals that make us all love Motorhead so much. This album is one of the defining metal albums of the late 70s showing what heavy metal was to become. The riffs are powerful and steady, this is hard and heavy metal with some awesome power chord riffs by Lemmy. The other instruments come through very well and make this album rock. The vocals are 100% heavy metal and dripping with all sorts of metal concepts.
This album is very heavy on a musical level. The power chords basically drive the music along just as much as the drums. The solos are fairly good and add a lot to the music, a complete feel if you will, that makes the music just sound great. Motorhead is filled with great sounds really and they are all heavy, heavy metal. The production quality is a little off so some songs sound a little off, in particular Sweet Revenge. The bass is very dominant coming through especially while Lemmy is singing more than on other artists tracks. This makes for a nice balance between guitar and bass. The drums of course drive along on their own giving the music a nice boost in quality and drive it along steadily forward through each track.
The lyrics are very heavy metal. They talk about a variety of topics, one Dead Men Tell No Tales is anti-heroin, Talking Heads is about televison, Poison talks about marriage among other things. Overall a wide variety of topics are discussed, while the lyrics are not very deep they are not simply violence driven, so I like them a bit for their ideas. The vocals are pure Lemmy, how do you explain it? They are gruff and baritone and 100% Motorhead, and very good. They set Motorhead apart from other bands and give them a completely unique sound which defines the band from top to bottom. The vocals are all Lemmy, so they're gruff and scratchy but still very good.
Overall this is a very good album. It is solid awesome Motorhead. This album rocks, it is heavy, has nice lyrics, great solos, and it has LEMMY. All the parts of the band balance nicely with each other and combine for a very heavy sound. This album has some metal classics on it and really helped to define the sound of the genre. This album really looks ahead to what the whole next decade of metal would bring. There are some amazing build ups here like in Stone Dead Forever and it all sounds just awesome. There are so many good songs on this album that it has a lot of replay value, it can be listened to again and again. I would recommend this to any metal fan.

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