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Friday, December 31, 2010

Stay Hungry-Twisted Sister

Yeah its New Years but I'm at home my family is asleep and I want to celebrate the geological new year. (When the Earth completely finishes its rotation around the sun 6 hours after midnight.) So I'm putting on my earphones and cranking up the Twisted Sister! It starts off with the hard rocking Stay Hungry which is a great way to start the album. Then it features two of the best Twisted Sister song We're Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock, which was hilariously parodied on Spongebob. This is a classic 80s metal album with cool solos, awesome power chord riffs and decent spots for other instruments, then there are the awesomely rebellious lyrics which are sung by the incredible Dee Snyder. This is truly an album for the ages.
The guitar is primarily power chord driven and the riffs rock. A lot of them are really catchy, and you find yourself humming them for weeks. They also add to the overall catchiness of the songs, most of which are pretty catchy. Most notably We're Not Gonna Take It. The guitar solos are pretty decent but nothing to rave over. They still are definitely worth listening to. The bass barely comes through at all, it really is only there to boost the riffs, it doesn't have any of its own parts to show off. The drums are high powered and fast and the best part is that they sometimes use... you guessed it... A COWBELL!
The lyrics are high powered and rebellious or dark. From Stay Hungry, a song about craving vices, to We're Not Gonna Take It, a song with a self explanatory title and I Wanna Rock, another explanatory titled song. The lyrics are very well written and very catchy to listen too and you find yourself singing along to them weeks after hearing them. The catchiest song is We're Not Gonna Take It, possibly the ultimate 80s rock anthem. Some of the lyrics like You're Gonna Burn in Hell and Horror-Teria are very dark in content. Actually Horror-Teria is a rather long experiment and is about a crazy satanist, its really creepy. Dee Snyder can really belt out his parts. His voice is very powerful, almost Dio-like.
Overall this is a pretty awesome album featuring some of the best of Twisted Sister in We're Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock. This is a high powered and awesome album with some of the catchiest metal songs ever written. I Wanna Rock perfectly captures the rock n' roll atmosphere of the 80s. Snyder is a powerful rock god standing on a stage made of sheer adrenaline. From the soaring guitar solos to the cool lyrics and the powerful vocals this album rocks 100% of the time. This is a great album that rocks really hard and captures the spirit of the 80s. This album is pretty much the epitome of the 80s. You should listen to it, We're Not Gonna Take It is possibly the best metal song done by a strictly 80s band. This album rocks hard SO LISTEN TO IT!
OVERALL 9.5/10

Stay Hungry

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