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Friday, December 31, 2010

Van Halen-Van Halen

 Today I'm reviewing some classic Van Halen. This is one of the first albums to feature tapping as a major soloing technique that set Eddie Van Halen apart from the rest. The album kick starts with 4 Van Halen classic Running With The Devil, the legendary Eruption, You Really Got Me and Ain't Talkin' Bout Love. Those songs set the tone for what was to become the legend of Van Halen. The guitar parts on this album simply blow me away at both their catchiness and technical skill. The other instruments are also given reasonable musical parts. The lyrics are very much in the glam metal style. David Lee Roth has an awesome voice which he showcases well on this album.
The guitar is incendiary and spectacular. There were only a handful of other guitarists in the world at the time who could compete with the skillful master that was Eddie Van Halen. He has memorable riffs that drive a lot of the songs. While the riffs are a big part of the songs they do not dominate like in Black Sabbath recordings. The solos are part of what defines the album, they are amazing and just can not be matched in their speed and explosiveness by any other guitarist outside of those in the handful. The other instruments are given a decent amount of noise as well. The bass comes through a little but it does nothing spectacular. The other Van Halen brothers drums are heavy and strong, but nothing over the top. They do a good job of driving the music though.
The lyrics are either about love or rebellion. They are rather shallow in that regard. The lyrics do perfectly capture the sort of glam rock feel that there is in this album though. There is a power in the lyrics even if they are not deep. They have a poetic power, and power because they are of such high intensity. Part of what gives them their high intensity feel is the shrieking and powerful voice of David Lee Roth. His powerful voice can come out on top of the guitar and help lead the songs on their super charged path.
Overall this is a high powered glam and heavy metal album that shows off one of the best guitarists ever complimented by the spectacular voice of David Lee Roth. This album has several Van Halen classics on it, notably Eruption, Eddie Van Halen's coming out as a guitar god. Anybody into 80s metal would like this album because it features one of the biggest 80s bands at the beginning of their illustrious career. This album as significant replay value and I think anybody could find the sounds on this album awesome. There is spectacular guitar parts and decent parts for the other instruments, the lyrics are good enough and the voice of David Lee Roth is awesome. Go listen to this album now people!
OVERALL 9.5/10
Van Halen

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