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Friday, December 17, 2010

why i play guitar

Why I play Guitar
Not a review but I just wanted to get this on paper. Also we now have 100 views YAY! There are a couple reasons why I play guitar, the first is that I love music. The second is that it is an escape valve. There are other reasons why I play guitar, that is sure, but those 2 are the 2 most important. They make me practice every day. Jimmy Page brought me to the guitar his solos and riffs really made me love music. The guitar is also an outlet for emotion for anger for joy for sorrow, but more on that later. For many the main reason to play guitar is the music, and it is the same for me. All rock guitarists love music (the guy from ABBA loves sound not music).
Why do I love music? Why do I love heavy metal specifically? I love music because of rock and roll, my earliest memories involve me dancing to Grateful Dead, listening to Black Sabbath and the Stones in the care with my mom. I love rock and roll and heavy metal because of the words, the words I can relate to. They aren't full of crap like todays lyrics about texting, sex and friends. This stuff is meaningful. 300 years from now Led Zeppelin will be Mozart, you can quote that. 300 years from now The Beatles will be Beethoven, and I feel like I am one of the few who realizes that this Katy Perry crap can't last. I love music because it is powerful, dominating and it chooses you, it finds you and defines you.
Now guitar also lets you release emotion. Right now I am angry and depressed because I have been sick for a week. Thus I am playing both mournful Led Zeppelin and the Ramones. It reflects your emotions. When I am feeling dark and scary I play “The Number of the Beast” when I am happy I play “Float On”. My Uncle (the one with the guitars) has a poster in his guitar room that says “Where words fail music speaks” and that is completely true! Music speaks better than words in fact. You have both the tonality reflecting emotion as well as the actual lyrics which express the verbal meaning of your point. Guitar and music as a whole, RELEASE emotion out into the world and make it so that everybody can see and here your emotions! This isn't some girly girl crap. THIS IS REAL!. Music is everything, it reflects everything, and that is why I love guitar!
In conclusion, music is everything to me and can be everything to anybody. Music is real, its one of the realest and fullest things out there. There's a buzz you get, moreso than when just listening to music when you're in your room, jamming on your Les Paul to your favorite song. Music is BUZZ music is real and fundamentally, and guitar is one of the best ways to make music. That is why I play guitar! The buzz, the music, the emotion, the EVERYTHING. So those of you who read this and have no guitar, buy one! FIND THE MUSIC IN YOU! (Unless its crappy then just give up.)

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