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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brave New World Iron Maiden

Today I am celebrating the triumphant return of Iron Maiden in 2000 with their killer album Brave New World. Imagine being a Maiden faithful and hearing that you're favorite lead singer was back with your favorite band. You drop your tape into the player and BAM The Wicker Man blows your head off! This is one of my favorite Maiden albums, it has a couple songs that have become classics in the 10 years since there release. Notably there is The Wicker Man, Brave New World and Blood Brothers, but all the songs on this album are good. This is a return from the terrible years and into the Brave New Future for Maiden. I love this album, this is one of the mightiest Maiden albums, proving they still had plenty of strength in them. This album only allows me to say one thing “UP THE IRONS NOW AND FOREVER!”
The guitar work on this album is masterful, from the really well written power chord riffs of The Wicker Man to the interesting acoustic bits of the intro of Ghost of the Navigator (another classic). There is also a very impressive clean intro to Blood Brothers which is surprisingly easy to play. This album has more non-power chord riffs than other Maiden albums, what I mean to say is that while on most Maiden there are single notes in the intro and power chords throughout here there are single note riffs driving the music more than they did in previous Maiden records. Nicko McBrain has new life on this album, with impressive drums throughout, particularly in Ghost of the Navigator. The bass of Harris, is as usual holding the thing together, he comes through nicely in some bits in Ghost of the Navigator, and a couple other tracks.
The lyrics here are amazing. The Wicker Man is about the apocalypse and describes it by talking about “The World Exploding Every Single Night”. The Nomad talks about the mysteries within us. Overall the lyrics are classic Maiden, deep, dark and disturbing at times but often featuring a glimmer of hope. Dickinson's voice is amazing, his voice with his spectacular style is iconic and helps to shape the music. His voice was made for one thing, and that one thing was to be the best lead singer for the worlds best metal band (Led Zep doesn't really count, so they are still the best band.). This album is AWESOME.
The combination here of lyrics, vocals, guitar, drums and bass is amazing. It comes together perfectly to create one of the best albums you will ever hear. There are quiet more experimental acoustic bits, and more single note at a time riffs, healing the main issues with Maiden. All the tracks are Maiden being Maiden but now with greater maturity and awesomeness than they previously did. This album ROCKS and there is no denying it, everyone should listen to this and be amazed at the sheer awesomeness of the band known as Iron Maiden, the music storming into you at times like a hammer of the gods and other times a butterfly leaping gently across your eardrums, makes this album amazing.

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