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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Conductors Departure - Anata

Anata seem to have the majority of the technical prowess that a band would need to make it in the world of technical death metal, the songs are interminable and somewhat random, if not a bit slow. The guitar tone is really cool, but it feels like it never changes, even though it does, the song structures never really get broken up, and neither does the pattern to the melodies, same for the bass. The drums aren't anything special, proficient, but not special, and do the same things that they would do anywhere else. I think I need to stress the point that the songs never seem to end, the tempo is just too slow for this genre, so it sounds like a melodic death metal piece, but the way things are played isnt in line with melodic death metal, it doesnt feel heavy enough, and it doesnt feel "free" enough. I suppose there's enough diversity between the riffs that you wont gip yourself by buying the full album, but the vocals are completely forgettable. there is no soloing, and the guitar work is in general sub-par for this genre.

I very much dislike this album in some ways, but truthfully, its not a *bad* album, and there aren't any songs that aren't worth listening to, its just not an album im typically in the mood for, and doesn't do a very good job as a technical death metal album. I suppose that in many ways, The Conductor's Departure is a bit of an "easy listening" CD for metalheads, but, the way it sounds leads me to believe that Anata intended for something more than that, and the idea of this as a technical death metal CD falls short of average. I would encourage you to buy it anyway, just to change things up, but if your looking for something exciting, look elsewhere in Anata's discography.


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