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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Black Sabbath

 This evening I am covering some of my favorite Black Sabbath, I will be covering their 5th album, also the last one that Ozzy liked. There are some real classic Sabbath songs on this album. Most importantly there is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but there are several other awesome tracks like A National Acrobat and Sabbra Cadabra, the B-side is good but not legendary like the A-side songs. The guitar riffs make Iommi the true 'riff master' as Ozzy says. Every Sabbath song has an awesome riff driving it along, it is loud and crunchy and gives a great feel to the music. The bass from Geezer is cool as usual providing a nice feel. The drums are also good, but remarkably light. The vocals of Ozzy are unique as usual and he has awesome lyrics.
The guitar on this album is really sweet. It has classic Iommi style riffs, slow and filled with meat. His riffs are just so juicy, you want to dig your teeth into them and enjoy their glorious taste. They are just so satisfying, after listening to the album you feel that you have enjoyed a wonderful musical meal. Then there is the awesome solos, Iommi proves that you can have blues solos in metal songs with this album. He also proves that you can have weird repetitive bits of classical music on an album as well. (See Fluff). Fluff kills the atmosphere in the album especially considering the great stuff that it is surrounded by. The bass is awesome as usual with a lot of goods fills, but nothing to the quality of NIB. The drums are surprisingly light for the band that started heavy metal.
The vocals are pure Ozzy. These were the days before Ozzy became an old smelly fart, when he was still a strong and powerful young drug addict. His voice comes across as very powerful on this album. It shows all of his youthful energy and power. In essence this is Ozzy's voice at it's finest, at the time of a young man at his peak before drugs completely tore him apart and he had to work to rebuild his life. The lyrics are primarily focused around demonic themes. In particular Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is very dark. There are also some love songs on this album most notably Sabra Cadabra, yet even that comes off as sounding rather dark.
Overall this is an awesome album that is just pure Black Sabbath, and possibly there musical peak. There is awesome guitar on this album, not just through the classic Iommi ostenatos (fancy word for riffs) but also his bluesy solos and the cool effects that he starts to use on this album. Then there are the awesome bass riffs which strengthen the music and add a nice feel. In fact there is an instrumental track and another one with an extended solo for the musicians to show off on. Ozzy's voice is awesome as usual, he is truly in his prime on this album. Then of course the lyrics are the classic awesome Sabbath. My fav song off this album is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. The album is good enough to have high replay value as well.

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